Affiliate Training Info and Video

How it Works:

Each year, PPA Charities will recruit a list of volunteer speakers to participate in the program and publish that list on our website. Each speaker will have agreed to provide 1 program in that year to a qualifying PPA affiliate. To qualify, an affiliate must fundraise a minimum amount of money for PPA Charities in that year. Once an affiliate qualifies they are eligible to make a request through a form on the PPAC website. The Speaker Team director and PPAC staff will communicate between the affiliate and the requested speaker to attempt a match. Once a match is made the speaker and the affiliate will complete a speaking contract directly, like any other time. The speaker and the affiliate with both be required to meet certain criteria as outlined in this document.

Affiliate Requirements:

Each affiliate will be required to provide certain services and meet requirements in order to qualify to apply. If the requirements are not met at any time, for any reason, that affiliate will be ineligible to access the Speaker Team the following year. The requirements are as follows:

– Affiliate must make a donation of a minimum of $500 to PPA Charities in order to apply. This includes any and all fundraising conducted by the affiliate in a year. If the affiliate already makes donations that meet or exceed that amount, then they qualify to apply. All donations that qualify will be required before an application is accepted.

– The program must not exceed three hours in length. With respect to the speakers donating their time, it is unfair to expect a longer format when that might require speakers to be away from their families and businesses for longer than is reasonable. Please do not bargain or offer to pay extra money in order to get a longer program. If an affiliate is willing to pay more for a longer program then please make arrangements for that separately from the PPAC Speaker Team program.

– Affiliates must incur any and all travel and lodging expenses, including transportation to and from an airport. It will not be acceptable to house a PPAC speaker in a member’s home or to have them in non-private quarters. Please make arrangements at a reputable hotel in order to provide the speaker with a reasonable amount of comfort and convenience.

– In order to promote the mission of PPA Charities, A PPA Charities ambassador will be expected to work with the affiliate before and during the event. This will mean that, when there is an ambassador available, PPA Charities should have a booth in the event. This may be a table outside the program or a small place in the trade show. In addition the ambassador from PPA Charities should be allowed to make a 5 minute presentation before the program to create awareness for PPAC. An ambassador will typically be a known member of the affiliate and is responsible to pay their own entry fee for any and all events.

– Speakers often have goods and services for sale and the PPAC Speaker Team guidelines will require affiliates to provide speakers an opportunity to make their products available to the affiliate. This might be a table at the program as well as a spot in the trade show when warranted. Speakers often incur expenses on this trip in order to help raise funds for PPA Charities and PPAC asks all participating affiliates to support our speakers by allowing them a reasonable platform to offer their products.

– Affiliates are not, under any circumstances, to initiate contact with speakers directly and ask them to come and speak as a PPA Charities speaker. All initial contact must come through PPA Charities until the affiliate has been matched with a speaker.

– Each affiliate will be asked to extend the courtesy of first choice in time slot for the program. In many cases it is possible for a speaker to fly in and out on the same day, allowing them to return more promptly to their families and businesses. Please allow them the opportunity to choose their time slot when possible.

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