Speaker Training and Info

Speaker Guidelines:

As a PPA Charities Speaker Team member, each speaker is asked to offer one program of no more than 3 hours in length, to a qualifying PPA affiliate. In order to facilitate this, speakers are listed on the PPAC website as speaker team members and affiliates must apply there in order to request one. Speakers will be notified through email by PPA Charities staff or the Speaker Team Director of any requests for a program. At the time of request, the speaker will be provided with all pertinent information regarding the request including date, time, location and more. A speaker team request will never come directly from the affiliate to the speaker. In the case of this kind of contact from an affiliate, please refer them to the PPA Charities website.

– A Speaker Team instructor is asked to waive their speaking fee once a year for a qualifying PPA affiliate. To get a speaker from PPAC an affiliate must first fundraise a minimum of $500 in donations. This means that by participating, you are helping PPA Charities and other PPA affiliates raise money that goes to support the needy. Your participation is vital to our fundraising efforts.

– The qualifying affiliate is responsible for all travel and lodging expenses including flights, hotel and transportation to and from airports. Lodging must be provided in a reasonable hotel, PPAC speakers will not be asked to stay in homes or any other accommodation.

– Each affiliate is asked to submit their first, second and third choice for a speaker from the PPAC list. If you are unable to accommodate a request for any reason, it is perfectly acceptable to decline, the speaker team director will find a different match for that affiliate. PPAC Speakers are volunteers.

– It is requested that PPAC Speakers participate in other PPAC events and use their social media to promote the mission of PPA Charities. This includes online classes, post-sharing, using a PPAC branded profile or cover image, writing a blog post or taking part in an event like Giving Tuesday as a guest instructor. This is not a requirement, participation in additional events is optional.

– As a PPAC sponsored speaker, it is requested that all speakers refrain from inviting any other charities as sponsors of their program. Additional corporate sponsors like labs, equipment manufacturers and software companies are encouraged in order to make the event more successful for the speaker.

– Affiliates will be directed to provide all speakers with the opportunity to offer their products and services to attendees. This could be a table at the event or in the trade show at no additional cost to the speaker. PPAC does ask, however, that speakers concentrate on delivering great education and spreading the mission of PPA Charities without selling hard from the platform provided. Attendees are eager for the speaker’s message, but it will violate the relationship of trust between PPA Charities and the PPA affiliates to have a speaker turn a program in to a sales opportunity with little content.

– A PPA Charities ambassador that is a member of the affiliate will be on hand to introduce the speakers as well as deliver a short message about PPA Charities before the program. Ambassadors will receive training from PPA Charities on how to present this information allowing the speaker to provide their content without having to add to their program.

– If an affiliate wishes to engage any speaker for a program longer than PPA Charities allows in it’s guidelines, speakers are welcome to engage in negotiations to provide that service. However at this time it exceeds the guidelines of the program and will not qualify as a PPAC sponsored program. In the future we hope to facilitate a more varied system but at this time the program time limit will be three hours. This protects speakers from having to provide a lengthy and costly program that they are not getting paid for.

– At any time speakers can contact the PPAC Speaker Team Director for guidance in any situation related to their PPAC program. The affiliates, speakers and PPA Charities are all on the same team working to give back and any issue can be resolved amicably.

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