PPA Charities Annual Partners


PPA Charities is launching a brand new program this year to celebrate our 20th Anniversary!
Simply pledge to be a PPA Charities Partner by making an automated monthly donation of $20 (or more). Your pledge amount will be deducted automatically each month so you never have to think about it. This is a way you can pledge a smaller amount each month that you won’t even notice but will add up to something bigger over the year. When you donate or pledge $240, you will receive a window decal for that year stating that you are one of our ‘Partners’ for that year so you can show your clients that you are a charitable and caring business and person. It’s a win-win!
Just $240 pays for one life changing surgery for a child with cleft lip or palette through Operation Smile, over the course of a year at the entry level of $10 you could change a persons life! If you wanted to double your pledge you could change two lives. The pledge amount if up to you. This year marks the One Million Dollar mark that we have donated to various charities since our inception!


The following PPA-member studios have partnered with PPA Charities for 2018 by showing the world what can be accomplished when talented and dedicated professionals work together toward a single charitable purpose: putting smiles on the faces of deserving children.

*Topaz Partner        ($240 donation level)
** Sapphire Partner        ($500 donation level)
*** Emerald Partner        ($1000 donation level)
**** Ruby Partner    ($2500 donation level)
***** Diamond Partner  ($5000 donation level) 
 ******Legacy Partner
($20,000 donation level)

Queen Creek: Rex Madden Photography – Rex Madden*
Sedona: Bob Coates Photography – Bob Coates*

Cherokee Village: Clark Sanders Photography Clark Sanders*

Santa Cruz: Positive Vista Photography & Art – Portia Shao**


Denver: Darci Amundson Pho tography – Darci Amundson**
Fountain: Heather Sams Fine Portraits – Heather Sams***

Milford: Rich in Memories – Rich Coyle**

North Haven: Storytellers Photography – Joan & Rene Genest*

Ft. Myers: Megan DiPiero Photography – Megan DiPiero**
Merritt Island: Jennifer Shaver Photography – Jennifer Shaver*
Middleburg: Dana Heisler Photography – Dana Heisler*
Orlando: Hughes Fioretti Photography – Gary & Julie Hughes****
Ormond Beach: Meggan Harper Photography – Meggan Harper***
Tallahassee: ElleBelle Photography & Design – Lydia Bell*
Tallahassee: Kira Derryberry Photography – Kira Derryberry*

Atlanta: Babycake Studios – Tracy Page****
Martinez: Kevin Jiminez Photography – Kevin Jiminez*

Clinton: Woods Studio – Mark Gregor Woods**
Germantown Hills: Sonshine Portrait Design – Christie Newell***
Mokena: Behnke Photographers – Bert Behnke*

Springfield: Sarah Petty Photography – Sarah Petty****
Spring Grove: Wancket Studios – Audrey Wancket*

Ellicott City: Pam Long Photography – Pam Long*

Hagerstown: Anderson Photographs – Melanie Anderson*
Laurel: Clark Matthews Photography – Steve Clark*


Carver: Nancy Green Photography – Nancy Green*
North Andover: Ed Pedi Photography Studio & Gardens – Ed Pedi*
Sudbury: Paula Swift Photography – Paula Swift*

Lake Orion: Arising Images: Prem Mukherjee**

Duluth: Grupa Portrait Studio – David Grupa*
Minneapolis: Meghan Doll Photography – Meghan Doll**

Billings: Treasure State Photography – Ross Magnuson*

Reno: Pete Rezac Photography – Pete Rezac*****
Spring Creek: Lindsay Syme Photography – Lindsay Syme*

Brooklyn: Virginia L.S. Freire Photography – Virginia Freire**
Claverack: Photo-Art by Ken Bovat – Ken Bovat*

Greensboro: Andrew Bowen Photography – Andrew Bowen**
Shelby: McNeilly Photography – Randy McNeilly**
Waxhaw: Carolyn Ann Ryan Photography – Carolyn Ann Ryan*

Milford: Essenza Studio – Angela Kurkian*

Hillsboro: MIT Portraits – Bryan Welsh*

Carlisle: Bookwalter Photographics – Ronald Bookwalter*

Rumford: Snap! Photography – Mariah Ashley & Trish Gilmore***

Lugoff: Debra Dollarhide*

Franklin: Westebbe – Misty Westebbe*

Allen: Klunck Kreations Photography– Alice Klunck*
Austin: Leider Photography – Heather Leider*

Cleveland: Sheila Hebert Photography – Sheila Hebert**
College Station: k. Norwood Portraiture – Kathy Norwood***

Duncanville: HB Photographic Imagery – Herb Doller*
Fredericksburg: Matthew Fisher Photography – Matthew Fisher*
Haltom City: Susan Busch Photography – Susan Busch*****
Harlingen: M Bliss Photography – Marian Bliss Blake*
Lubbock: Savant Photography – Leslie Kitten*

McAllen: Jimmy Kryzak Photography – Jim Kryzak****
Plainview: Don Dickson Photography – Don Dickson**

Plano: Lourcey Photography – Larry Lourcey****
Plano: Beth Ryan Photography – Beth Hunt-Ryan*

San Antonio: Artistic Images – Elizabeth & Trey Homan***
San Antonio: PRO Photography – Pete Ortega*

Alexandria: Photography by Leigh Dwyer – Leigh Dwyer*

Hamilton: Ellen Zangla Photography – Ellen Zangla****

Hayes & Fisk PhotographyMary Fisk-Taylor & Jamie Hayes****
South Riding: J.W. Remington Photographics – Jim Remington*

Spokane Valley – Valley Studio – Rob Behm*


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